Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School fosters an environment of curiosity and learning. The Kindergarten curriculum at Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School will nurture early development of your child, and provide a solid foundation of skills and knowledge for later years.

Key Learning Tracks:
  • Writing, reading, verbal and listening skills
  • Visual arts, music arts, drama and dance
  • Number sense, numeration, measurement and geometry
  • Science exploration and experimentation
  • Use of modern technology
  • Religion (prayers, communion, bible stories, festivals, etc.)
  • Personal and social development
  • Self-awareness and self-reliance
  • Health and physical activity
  • Physical education, personal safety and injury prevention

Elementary & Middle School
When choosing the right school for your child, parents/guardians should consider the quality and breadth of a well-recognized, specialized and individualized program. Metamorphosis is proud to offer an enriched academic curriculum, exceeding the standards of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Key Learning Tracks:
  • Communication skills
    Includes writing, reading, grammar, usage, spelling Greek and French language
  • Creativity and media skills
    Includes visual arts, music, drama, dance
  • Mathematics
    Includes geometry, spatial sense, patterning, data, calculation, computation, algorithms, probability
  • Science
    Includes scientific method and principles, properties of materials, energy, structures, nature and natural cycles, biology, physics, chemistry, geology, ecology
  • Information Technologies
    Includes use of communications technologies, computer hardware, computer applications, computer programming and systems
  • History and Geography
    Includes political and economic histories and developments, population characteristics, population systems and patterns, map creation and interpretation
  • Social Studies
    Includes community roles and relationships, rules and responsibilities
  • Health and Personal Development
    Includes understanding the body, human skills and development, self-awareness and self-reliance
  • Religion
    Includes Orthodox Christian history, the Bible, prayer, sacraments, festivals and celebrations
  • Physical Education
    Includes sports and exercise, teamwork, personal safety and injury prevention

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